Suction Dentures / Overdentures


Loose or non-fitting dentures can be awkward socially or even affect the way one can chew effectively.

It is important to digest our food properly and this process starts when we are chewing our food. Improper digestion can lead to bloating and or discomfort in the stomach.

If dentures are loose, some may find it necessary to use specific gum ‘glue’ to make them stable. This is a short-term solution as the paste can attract bacteria if not cleaned off properly and may cause the supporting gums to have problems.

Long term solutions to this may include both Suction Dentures (Non Medisave Claimable) or Implant Overdentures (Medisave Claimable).

The treatment process can differ between individuals and this can be covered in more detail during a full consultation.


  1. No loss of bone (When Implants are placed)
    When a tooth is missing, there will be bone loss that will occur at the missing tooth area. This can lead to bone loss in the neighbouring teeth. When an implant is placed within the bone, this reduces the bone loss effect drastically.
  2. Improve chewing efficiency
    Implants also feel as close as it can to natural teeth. Patients with Dental implants enable the patient to eat with more force and confidence. Therefore, they are able to chew better and more effectively. This will translate to food tasting better. This also helps to improve diet and health, as the patient is able to eat normally and not have to rely only on 'soft diet'.
  3. Reduce 'sunken-in' facial profile
    If left as a toothless gap, there will be reduced support provided to the external facial profile. This can lead to a 'sunken-in' appearance. Placing implant-supported teeth in that gap will give the face proper support.

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