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Teeth that are severely broken down or that have had root canal treatment performed, usually require a crown to be placed over the tooth.

This is usually done to prevent any further cracking or fracture of the tooth. They can be full porcelain or Zirconia. These can be made to look like a natural tooth.

LQ Dental has our own digital dental lab and dental ceramists on our team to help ensure that it is possible to deliver a crown on the same day.

This can help with providing a way for our patients to maintain their busy schedule.

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  1. Convenience for our patients
    Technology is now advancing and has enabled processing of crowns to be streamlined to be achieved in a single day in most case.

    This technology enables us to work on the dental work minutes after the scan has been done.

  2. Accurate
    The measurements have been shown in latest studies to be accurate for the reproduction of dental prostheses.
  3. Same day customisation
    Sometimes, we may need to individually characterise the dental prostheses to match the teeth at the side better. This can still be done on the same day without the need to send out to an external lab.

Treatment Process

  1. Tooth Preparation is done
    The tooth or teeth will need to be adjusted slightly to enable the crown to fit over the tooth.
  2. Digital mouth scan is done
    Using a digital mouth scanner, the tooth is scanned. This eliminates the need for traditional mouth impression pastes.
  3. Lab starts work on the crown
    Our dental technicians can start work immediately and will proceed to design, mill and process the crown.
  4. Crown is delivered and cemented on the same day

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