Ceramic Veneers


Ceramic veneers are thin shells that are attached to the front of your front teeth. They can be placed on single teeth or on multiple teeth.

This can be done to improve the appearance of the teeth without the need for significant trimming.

The procedure vastly improves the overall smile and give a boost to one’s self confidence, at a reasonable rate.

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  1. Minimal trimming of the teeth
  2. Very natural appearance
  3. Able to dramatically improve the smile and self confidence.

Treatment Process

  1. Initial consultation and planning
    A consult is done to discuss the options and the workflow will be explained.

    Occasionally, we may need to have a second appointment to try in the ‘smile’. This is shown to you and the overall aesthetic look will be discussed again.

  2. Tooth Preparation
    The tooth or teeth will need to be adjusted slightly to enable the crown to fit over the tooth.
  3. Digital Scan is done
    Using a digital mouth scanner, the tooth is scanned. This eliminates the need for traditional mouth impression pastes.
  4. Veneer(s) is delivered

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