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Sports Mouthguards


Damage to teeth during contact sports can occur and may lead to mild to severe damage of the affected teeth, gum and bones.

Sports mouthguards form a protective barrier to cushion the impact to hard tissue like teeth and bone.

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Minimise trauma to hard surfaces like teeth and bone during sports. This can prevent the need for crowns, root canal treatment and/or extraction of the affected teeth.

Treatment Process

  1. Assessment made for type of guard, based on type of sport.
  2. Mould are taken of the jaws.
  3. Issue of guards and adjustment to fit.


There are over-the-counter sports mouthguards. Won’t those be enough?
Over-the-counter guards are frequently ill-fitting and do not have the appropriate thickness for sports that need greater protection. They are limited to use in sports that have no to minimal contact.

When they are not fitted properly, the appliance loses the effectiveness in protecting the wearer from injury. Also, ill-fitting guards are very uncomfortable to wear.

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