3D Impressions


With the recent advent of technology, it is now possible to take impression using a scanning handheld device. This results in eliminating the need for traditional sticky impressions. It becomes a much more comfortable process for the patient.

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  1. No pastes or adhesives
    The process involves scanning of the teeth using a mouth scanner. The elimination of the impression pastes makes the process a lot more comfortable for the patient.
  2. Accurate 3D design
    The models that are produced are virtual models and are very accurate. This eliminates the possibility of processing errors in the traditional method, where the impressions may distort or crack during the production of the models. If that happens, we would have to get the patient back in to retake the impression. For digital scan, all inaccuracies can be verified before the patient leaves the dental clinic.
  3. Streamlined workflow
    Rather than needing to send the models via courier and pouring up models in the laboratory, the lab can start work immediately as the cases are all sent digitally. The process time is therefore reduced significantly.

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